Bio Amandel Burger 200g

Bio Amandel Burger 200g
*Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
Artikelcode: TP-013
Chilled product

Deep fry  for approximately 5 minutes,  bake in an oven for  10 minutes or  heat in a frying pan for minutes.  Serve as a meat substitute on  a hamburger bun with some French fries. Can also be used  without bread and served next to rice or potatoes


Wheat, gluten, soya and nuts.

100% Vegan
Cholesterol Free
Certified Bio-Organic


Water, wheat protein*, vegetables* 12% (sweet pepper*, corn*, carrots , onions*), Tofu* (water, soya beans*, coagulant Nigari), minced soya protein*, oat flakes*, sunflower oil*, soya sauce* (water, soya beans*,wheat*, sea salt), almonds* 3%, tomato puree*, roast onions* (onions*, vegetable oil*, wheat flour*, salt), spices*, sea salt, yeast extract, celeriac*.

Origin: Germany